Australians can now stay inside of a giant jar of Vegemite

December 1, 2019

A four-metre-high, two-metre-wide Vegemite jar has popped up in the NSW countryside, with a two-person villa inside. Available for two-night stays, the Vegemite Villa is the latest pop-up lodging from, giving a lucky few the chance to live inside a giant tub of the country’s signature spread. Three builders, two sculptors, one scenic artists […]

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Arnott’s release Cheese & Vegemite Shapes; win the great snack race of 2018

December 30, 2018

The rumours were true! Arnott’s have officially won the great snack race of 2018, managing to (finally) funnel a classic Aussie combo into the latest flavour for Shapes. Vegemite & Cheese Shapes is being described as “the spirit of the nation distilled down into a cracker”, and has now made its way onto supermarket shelves […]

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Vegemite & Cheese popcorn is coming to a cinema near you

July 2, 2018

Australia’s most divisive spread is taking over! Last month Boost Juice threw a Vegemite smoothie on their new ‘Aussie-themed’ menu) and now Village Entertainment (Village Cinemas and Event Cinemas) have announced a limited edition Vegemite Popcorn. Part of their Chef’s Gourmet Premium Popcorn series, the ubiquitous cinema brand will be offering movie-goers the classic snack, […]

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Boost Juice are now serving Vegemite smoothies across Australia

June 4, 2018

“We’re always looking to think outside the square when it comes to product development”, said Chief Marketing Officer of Boost Juice Joanne Bradley. And outside of the square they have most certainly thought this time, with the ubiquitous juice brand introducing new flavour The Vegemite Boost. It obviously contains Australia’s most divisive (to non-Australians anyway; […]

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Neil Perry has created a Vegemite burger to celebrate the Australian Open

January 17, 2018

Following a significant makeover for Burger Project venues across Australia, Neil Perry and Rockpool Dining Group are celebrating the Australian Open by partnering up with Vegemite. You know what this means: vegemite burgers; a collaboration between the renowned chef and the iconic Australia spread that may or may not be delicious – on the one […]

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The top places and events to celebrate Australia Day 2017

January 23, 2017

Whether you want to eat or party your way through Australia Day, we’ve sought out some of our favourite events across the country (mainly Sydney and Melbourne) for you. Our official national day of celebration comes around this Thursday, but the various events around the country extend far beyond that, from Australia Day Eve (Wednesday) […]

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Arts Review: Megan Hilty in Concert – Hamer Hall, Melbourne (8.6.2016)

June 9, 2016

An open letter to Megan Hilty. Dear Megan, Hi, my name is Kara. You may remember me from the other day. Or not? I bumped into you outside The Langham Hotel in Melbourne as you were wrapping up a photo shoot. You startled me. I honestly couldn’t believe I’d met you. Let me tell you, the […]

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