Arnott’s release Cheese & Vegemite Shapes; win the great snack race of 2018

The rumours were true! Arnott’s have officially won the great snack race of 2018, managing to (finally) funnel a classic Aussie combo into the latest flavour for Shapes. Vegemite & Cheese Shapes is being described as “the spirit of the nation distilled down into a cracker”, and has now made its way onto supermarket shelves…

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A giant Arnott’s Shapes box has popped up in Circular Quay (Sydney)

Arnott’s Shapes are still very much top of the line as far as Aussie snacks go, which should come to no surprise seeing as 230,000 packs of the things are consumed every day across the country (compare that with 100,000 packs of Jatz, and 43,000 packs of Vita-Weat). In a response to the strong-as-ever popularity…

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