Australians can now stay inside of a giant jar of Vegemite

December 1, 2019

A four-metre-high, two-metre-wide Vegemite jar has popped up in the NSW countryside, with a two-person villa inside. Available for two-night stays, the Vegemite Villa is the latest pop-up lodging from, giving a lucky few the chance to live inside a giant tub of the country’s signature spread. Three builders, two sculptors, one scenic artists […]

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Travellers in London are being given the chance to stay in the Men in Black HQ

May 22, 2019

Head of Sony Pictures Men in Black: International, the studio has teamed up with to faithfully recreate the film’s London based headquarters, and open it up for public accommodation. Available exclusively on the booking website, two guests per night will be able to book into this very unique stay which will come with a […]

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