Australian cinemas introduce six new popcorn flavours, including Spicy Nacho and Salted Caramel

July 24, 2018

Not long after limited edition vegemite & cheese popcorn hit Village and Event cinemas across the country, there’s been a deluge of new twists on the timeless movie snack with Parlour Lane Popcorn Company hooking up with Event and BCC Cinemas to exclusively offer several flavours including Spicy Nacho, Salted Caramel, and Salt & Vinegar […]

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Vegemite & Cheese popcorn is coming to a cinema near you

July 2, 2018

Australia’s most divisive spread is taking over! Last month Boost Juice threw a Vegemite smoothie on their new ‘Aussie-themed’ menu) and now Village Entertainment (Village Cinemas and Event Cinemas) have announced a limited edition Vegemite Popcorn. Part of their Chef’s Gourmet Premium Popcorn series, the ubiquitous cinema brand will be offering movie-goers the classic snack, […]

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