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Film Review: The War with Grandpa is a battle with no winners

December 1, 2020

Originally scheduled for release in 2017 (what a simpler time that was), The War with Grandpa is finally seeing the light of day – in the middle of a global pandemic, no less.  Whether it be a case of Tenet-like confidence, knowing self-sabotage, or a strategic move to claim its monetary underperformance is solely on […]

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Film Review: Carl Laemmle is an insightful look at Universal Pictures’ founding father & visionary uncle

November 5, 2019

They called him “Uncle Carl”. For some of the employees at Universal Pictures that’s because he was their actual family member. But for many others, this diminutive entrepreneur was a well-respected man and a boss with a gigantic heart. This documentary is an illuminating guide to this gentle and helpful soul, and a testament to […]

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British composer Joby Talbot on bringing Illumination’s new animated film Sing to life (EXCLUSIVE)

December 16, 2016

It’s not often you wonder about a composer after you watch a film, but British composer Joby Talbot is certainly the sort to warrant that reaction. Joby has helped bring the Minion-crazy animators over at Illumination Entertainment their new film Sing to the big screen with his crafted musical genius. Previously, Joby Talbot’s works have […]

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Battlestar Galactica headed to the big screen

June 17, 2016

Universal Pictures is heading up a Battlestar Galactica film adaptation, penned by Westworld’s Lisa Joy. No director has been attached yet, though Hunger Games’ Francis Lawrence is rumoured to be interested. The 1978 series had a very popular resurgence on the Sci-Fi channel in 2009, with the new series gaining a legion of followers and earning a spot on […]

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Five things we loved about the Warcraft movie

June 9, 2016

Set to open in Australian cinemas next Thursday – and out in the US this weekend – we had the chance to check out the anticipated Warcraft adaptation this week, and wanted to fill you in on five of the things we loved about the film, as we get excited for its official release. Read […]

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Universal Pictures to start Cinematic Universe based on Robert Ludlum novels

May 25, 2016

Universal Pictures has enlisted screenwriter James Vanderbilt to help craft a cinematic universe based on the works of Robert Ludlum, author of The Bourne Identity. First up in this universe will be the adaptation of Ludlum’s The Janson Directive, which will star Dwayne Johnson. Vanderbilt will adapt Janson Directive from a story co-authored with Academy Award-winner […]

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Michael Fassbender’s turn in Steve Jobs looking a heck of a lot better than Kutcher’s effort…

July 3, 2015

Though he may have looked the part, the rushed job that was Jobs – starring Aston Kutcher in the lead role – was far from a critical or box office hit. But there has always been another major Steve Jobs film in the pipeline and today we got the first taste of it. Directed by […]

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