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An Ode to Going Nowhere: The North American Train Trips Where the Origin is the Destination

If you’re lucky enough to live in a city or a country with a bustling rail network, chances are you’ve rarely thought of train travel as little more than a modern convenience (and certainly preferable to a bus). But the history of rail travel – both from a commercial and commuter level – is one…

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*Updated* Donald Trump signs Tencent order, may make many video games illegal

Update 3:00pm AEST Here is the (rather oddly written) section that indicates the order is targeted at Tencent’s WeChat app and not their broader portfolio. Update 2:45pm AEST Sources have reportedly confirmed to the LA Times that the executive order itself pertains only to Bytedance’s TikTok and Tencent’s WeChat and was written to specifically exclude…

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How to get to the Grand Canyon without a car (and other adventures in Arizona)

I’ve always been flabbergasted by America’s undying reliance on the car. Unless you’re in a city like Chicago or New York which has a heavily ingrained public transport system, if you tell someone you’re getting from point A to point B without a car, they look at you with confusion. The concept just seems so…

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