Uli Latukefu

Film Review: Next Goal Wins; Inspiring underdog tale returns Taika Waititi to his humble roots as a filmmaker

If you browse long enough on Twitter, sorry, X, you’ll note that there’s still chatter and self-diagnosed “hot takes” regarding Taika Waititi‘s 2019 outing Jojo Rabbit.  The film already had its share of detractors in the immediate aftermath of its release, but an Oscar win for Best Screenplay and the general good word for its…

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Film Review: June Again is an emotionally devastating dramedy anchored by Noni Hazlehurst

Despite a rather sunny marketing campaign – the poster alone evokes feelings of joy – June Again is a far more emotionally devastating feature than audiences may be expecting.  That’s certainly not a criticism on behalf of JJ Winlove‘s feature film debut, more a light warning to audiences who may not be prepared for its…

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Netflix has officially landed Down Under

To celebrate the official launch of Netflix in Australia we were lucky enough to pop along to the red carpet event at the Museum of Contemporary Art the other night. Attending the event was a stack of celebrities, most of whom all feature on programs we’ll get to see on the streaming service provider. We…

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