The Lord Gladstone

The Lord Gladstone are dishing up Wu-Tang Baogers and Shaolin fries this weekend (Sydney)

July 22, 2016

For their monthly Burger Lords series, controversial Chippendale pub The Lord Gladstone have put together a fresh new creation they are triumphantly calling The Wu-Tang Baoger. Seemingly, the pub crew have reached found this recipe in the slums of Shaolin, crafting something not even Raekwon the Chef has cooked up before, mashing up a bao […]

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The Lord Gladstone are throwing an Anti-Pauline Hanson party and One Nation supporters aren’t happy (Sydney)

July 14, 2016

Chippendale pub The Lord Gladstone have always been playful and open-minded with their events, throwing some of the city’s best bashes in recent memory and offering up some seriously delicious pub food on the regular. The last thing you’d expect is for the venue to be embroiled in a feud with One Nation supporters, but […]

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Birds of Redfern: Sydney is getting its first ever fried chicken festival

July 7, 2016

If it ain’t burgers then it’s fried chicken. Sydney’s obsession with crispy, soul nourishing birds is about to be taken to the next level with Redfern based Cake Wines teaming up with Andrew Levins to curate a festival of some of the best damn fried chicken in the city. Taking place at Cake Wine’s Cellar […]

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