the assistant

Interview: Kitty Green on directing The Royal Hotel, subverting genre tropes and committing to an unhappy ending

November 22, 2023

After the uncomfortable mastery of The Assistant, an increasingly intense drama following the daily activity of an assistant to an insidious, powerful movie mogul, director Kitty Green easily placed herself on the map of filmmakers to follow. For her sophomore feature she’s maintaining that sense of dread – though she would beg to differ – […]

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Film Review: The Assistant is uncomfortable but necessary viewing

May 19, 2020

Though disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein does not physically appear in The Assistant, nor does his likeness or even his name, this quietly disturbing drama from Australian filmmaker Kitty Green very much has him in mind. There’s a humiliation and systemic mentality that rings true throughout the film’s brisk 85 minute running time as it […]

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