Nadine Garner

Tell Me Why I'm Here

Theatre Review: Belvoir’sTell Me I’m Here shines a light on mental illness and will leave you stunned

As the applause dies down and the lights go up, the audience glances at one another, glassy-eyed and slightly dazed. What had we just experienced? It felt as if we had witnessed open heart surgery – while the person was still conscious – and the thought uppermost in my mind was – how the hell…

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Doctor Blake Mysteries back for series five

ABC has announced that locally-produced drama series The Doctor Blake Mysteries will be back for a fifth season. After series four’s successful run (with a whopping average of 1.67 million viewers), Craig McLachlan returns as police surgeon Dr Lucien Blake and Nadine Garner as his trusty housekeeper Jean.  Loyalty and friendships will be tested and…

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