Aussie cinematographer Greig Fraser talks about his Oscar Nomination for Lion

February 26, 2017

While at a special function to celebrate the Aussies nominated for Academy Awards in Los Angeles, our very own Jaime Lewis sat down with Greig Fraser, who has received an Oscar nomination as Director of Photography for Lion – one of three Australian films (alongside Tanna and Hacksaw Ridge), which is enjoying a slew of […]

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Australian Box Office Report: No stopping the Lion juggernaut, at top of ladder for third week in a row

February 8, 2017

There seems to be no stopping the Lion juggernaut.  It made $3.05m at the box office this week, and sits at no. 1 on the ladder for the third week in a row.  To date, it has made  $16.22m, and if it make over $21m, it will sit alongside Red Dog, Mad Max: Fury Road and Strictly […]

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Australian Box Office Report: Lion proves to be king of the box office for the 2nd week in a row

January 31, 2017

Hooray for Australian film! Oscar hopeful Lion continued to dominate at the box office this week, bringing in $4.18m.  As an Aussie indie production, it’s doing quite well.  Lion and The Great Gatsby have been the only Australian films to earn more at the box office in its second week in the cinemas. As predicted last week, M. Night Shyamalan’s newest […]

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Australian Box Office Report: Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel take the lion’s share of this week’s box office earnings

January 24, 2017

Whether it’s from its recent positive publicity, school holidays drawing to a close or just the fact that it’s a brilliant film, Lion, starring Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman, did extremely well in its opening weekend, earning $4.19m, where it now sits at the top of the box office ladder.  Opening on 254 screens nationally, it […]

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Film Review: Lion (Australia/USA/UK, 2016) is a beautiful, emotional journey

January 19, 2017

Based on the true story of Saroo Brierley and his book A Long Way Home, this week’s anticipated release Lion takes its audience on the beautiful, emotional journey of Saroo; lost in India as a young child, raised in Tasmania, forever desperate to find his way back home. Starring Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire) as the […]

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Nicole Kidman, Dev Patel and David Wenham attend the Australian premiere of Lion

December 22, 2016

The star-studded cast of the acclaimed new film Lion hit the red carpet in Sydney earlier this week, a month out from its cinematic release here in Australia. Aussies Nicole Kidman and David Wenham were joined at the State Theatre in Sydney by follow actor at star Dev Patel, the film’s director Garth Davis as […]

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The Top Ten Australian Films to look out for in 2016

March 13, 2016

2015 was a spectacle for Australian films, securing our biggest year ever in the box office, as well as performing in the Oscars at levels not seen since Peter Weir. And the light looks to continue shining through 2016, with a selection of Australian and Australian-associated films determined to prove the worth of Australian cinema […]

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