KitKat’s new Australian flavours are some of their greatest yet

May 10, 2021

KitKat have released a 2-flavour “Dark Down Under” collection that is, in our opinion, some of their finest work to date. The Australian flavours focus on Tasmania and South Australia, creating two distinct ingredients from two of the country’s most abundant produce regions. KitKat Dark Tasmanian Mint makes use to refreshing mint chocolate using oil […]

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KitKat goes for gold with new triple-layered Krisp chocolate

July 29, 2020

KitKat Chunky and KitKat Gold have been spliced together to create the chocolate brand’s latest offering, perfectly timed to jump on all the hype that’s been surrounding the historic wafer these past few weeks. First, Sydney got its very first KitKat chocolatory, which opened to massive fanfare with an endless array of KitKat flavours, its […]

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Sydney is getting its first ever KitKat Chocolatory in July

June 30, 2020

Those in need of a delicious break (everyone) should start stretching their queuing-up muscles because Sydney’s getting its first ever KitKat Chocolatory flagship. Opening on 6th July, the debut store will stretch it’s legs at Mid City Sydney, offering up a sizable collection of personalised, premium chocolate experienced inspired by and dedicated entirely to the […]

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KitKat gets indulgent with Gooey Caramel and Cookie Fudge

May 1, 2020

Crispy wafer chocolate KitKat has gone hard on the flavour twists, flipping the beloved sweet treat with two new distinctive flavours to add to your next online delivery shopping list. Made available across Australia from today, in all the typical places, KitKat Gooey Caramel and KitKat Mint Cookie Fudge are hoping to redefine the sweet […]

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KitKat switch things up with two new flavours: Mint and Caramel Pretzel

February 7, 2018

KitKat fans rejoice! The team behind the beloved chocolate have announced “KitKat 2 Ways”, a new take on the chocolate finger with two new flavours which should see the recently released treats fly off the shelves around the country. What’s more is that each of the two new flavours features two versions of that flavour […]

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Koi Dessert Bar introduces insanely intricate KitKat chocolate sphere by Reynold Poernomo (Sydney)

May 16, 2017

Fresh from opening up his second store for Koi in Ryde, former MasterChef favourite Reynold Poernomo has just announced a pretty damn tempting collaboration with KitKat. Taking inspiration from there experimental KitKat Chocolatory range, Reynold has crafted an exquisite, limited edition chocolate dessert going by the name of KitKat Secret Garden, and he’s going to […]

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Taste Test: Hot Cross Bun flavoured KitKat (only available in Melbourne)

March 19, 2017

Coming straight out of Melbourne’s experimental KitKat Chocolatory is a new special edition of the adaptable chocolate bars, created to celebrate Easter. It’s the most obvious choice for the beloved chocolate brand, but still quite unexpected: Hot Cross Bun KitKat. Putting their own little twist on the classic Easter treat, and providing a nice alternative […]

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KitKat are launching a permanent chocolate store in Melbourne this month

October 11, 2016

After successful pop ups last year in Sydney and Melbourne, KitKat have unveiled plans for their first ever permanent store in Australia. The KitKat Chocolatory will be a DIY dessert store in Melbourne Central, designed so customers can create their own personalised KitKat among other treats like exclusive flavours and handcrafted chocolates. Melbourne street artist […]

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