KitKat gets indulgent with Gooey Caramel and Cookie Fudge

Crispy wafer chocolate KitKat has gone hard on the flavour twists, flipping the beloved sweet treat with two new distinctive flavours to add to your next online delivery shopping list. Made available across Australia from today, in all the typical places, KitKat Gooey Caramel and KitKat Mint Cookie Fudge are hoping to redefine the sweet milk chocolate treat.

The recipes are simple. KitKat Gooey Caramel just tops the crispy fingers with a lustrous layer of gooey caramel, which is then covered with the typical smooth milk chocolate. Mint Cookie Fudge does much of the same, flecking the crisp wafers with mint fudge and cookie pieces and then coating it all in the same milk chocolate.

“KitKat is always looking for new ways to deliver tasty experiences which create indulgent breaks, and we’re sure the new KitKat range will deliver on that,” said Nestlé Head of Marketing Confectionery Joyce Tan. “By topping our classic 4-finger wafer with two new flavours we’ve taken the original qualities of the much-loved bar and created a light yet lavish treat for chocolate fans to indulge in.”

Both new KitKat flavours retail for the usual $2 each and can be found at any Coles, Woolworths, Big W, Independent and convenience stores nationwide.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is the Deputy-Editor-At-Large of the AU review, loves writing about travel and hospitality, and is partial to a perfectly textured octopus. You can reach him on Instagram: @chrisdsingh.

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