Kate Mulvany

Interview: Geraldine Hakewill talks about her upcoming role as Lady Macbeth and how Shakespeare’s work continues to translate in 2017

It’s one of Shakepeare‘s most famous tragedies and the Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC) is bringing Macbeth to audiences with a modern day touch. Starring none other than Aussie actor Jai Courtney in the title role and Geraldine Hakewill as Lady Macbeth, this is sure to be an outstanding season of Australian theatre. Macbeth opens next week and the cast…

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Kate Mulvany proves a most compelling villain in Bell Shakespeare’s Richard 3

When I heard Kate Mulvany’s casting in the lead of Bell Shakespeare’s latest adaption of Richard 3 my first thought was “cool- genderbend Shakespeare!”. But as it turns out that’s not really what the casting was about at all. This casting was about the right person to play the twisted villainous role, and Mulvany was absolutely the…

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