Bell Shakespeare

Theatre Review: Bell Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice gets a little lost at sea (at the SOH Playhouse until 26th November)

October 27, 2017

Bell Shakespeare Company’s latest production of The Merchant of Venice has a few high points. But overall Director Anne-Louise Sarks has played it pretty safe and as a result there’s nothing about this show that really stands out. Listed among Shakespeare’s comedies, The Merchant of Venice contains some of Shakespeare’s most well-known characters. First, there’s […]

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Kate Mulvany proves a most compelling villain in Bell Shakespeare’s Richard 3

March 4, 2017

When I heard Kate Mulvany’s casting in the lead of Bell Shakespeare’s latest adaption of Richard 3 my first thought was “cool- genderbend Shakespeare!”. But as it turns out that’s not really what the casting was about at all. This casting was about the right person to play the twisted villainous role, and Mulvany was absolutely the […]

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Arts Review: Romeo and Juliet – Bell Shakespeare, Sydney Opera House (Australian Tour)

February 28, 2016

The world’s most recognized story proves it’s still got something new to share in this latest production of Romeo and Juliet by Bell Shakespeare. Whether it be in the heights of the stage’s scaffold set, or the choreography of its power swordplay, or in the hilarious delivery of well-loved lines that we never knew we […]

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the AU Interview: Kelly Paterniti on playing fair Juliet in Bell Shakespeare’s latest production of Romeo And Juliet

February 22, 2016

Romeo And Juliet. The classic tale of forbidden love and the passion of youth, and the first programme by Peter Evans as the new Artistic Director of Bell Shakespeare. We searched for the light through yonder window and found Kelly Paterniti, the productions Juliet, to discuss tackling the world’s most famous leading role, pivotal moments […]

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