John Ortiz

SXSW Film Review: The Fallout is an authentic snap-shot of a movie that runs high on emotion

A devastatingly topical drama surrounding a school shooting and the emotional and psychological damage such a tragedy can cause for its survivors, The Fallout takes a quieter, more intimate look at the unseen faces – those that aren’t framed in the media as “a survivor”, merely fellow students who are unsure how to navigate their…

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Film Review: Bumblebee (USA, 2018) is a joyous and heartfelt sci-fi wonder that succeeds on its own bee’s knees

The Transformers film franchise has been in devastating lows these past years. Although one can expect that from a franchise that is based on a line of toys, any film based on a toy can be a good film like the LEGO films. Aside from the 1986 cult-classic animated film (which featured Orson Welles as…

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Film Review: Kong: Skull Island (USA, 2017) proves that the simplest pleasures can be the most spectacular

Monster movies were my jam back when I was a kid. Just seeing two colossal creatures beating each other with whatever environment they are in at their disposal was such an incredible delight. With fantastic examples like the various Godzilla films, King Kong films, Mighty Peking Man, The Host (2006) and War of the Gargantuas,…

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