Jo-Anne Brechin

Love is in the air as BLUSSH Romance Festival ignites in Brisbane with the Australian premiere of One Perfect Match

BLUSSH Romance Festival is the loving brainchild of uber film producer extraordinaire Kylie Pascoe and heavy culture consumer Sue-Anne Chapman. With a strong desire to bring together their loves of films and books under one festival umbrella, they hope, through the romance lens, to deliver a carefully curated program of stories and events for the…

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An interview with Jo-Anne Brechin and Claire Harris on their debut feature film Zelos

Zelos will be a breath of fresh air to Australian cinema. The upcoming Australian film to be helmed by new Australian face Jo-Anne Brechin and written by Claire Harris will be a female-led endeavor exploring the wreckful throes of contemporary romance. The Iris sent Fergus Halliday to get some insight on the films progression as it…

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