Jim Rash

Film Review: Fly Me To The Moon; Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum’s chemistry soars in delightfully old-fashioned comedy

The authenticity of the moon landing has always been something that’s long plagued history.  And whilst a straightforward narrative around the Apollo 11 project would undoubtedly be intriguing, it’s an entirely safer bet to allude to such a longstanding conspiracy with a surrounding story, rather than court controversy with anything direct. And it’s with such…

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It looks like Captain America: Civil War won’t mark the first major tie-in to the Netflix Defenders after all

As we inch slowly, painfully, closer to the release of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, some armchair detective work by the team at comicbook.com has revealed what may be the first tentative link between the new film and Netflix’s growing collection of Marvel shows. Earlier this week, Disney circulated an email listing the cast members…

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