Lifely’s Deep Dream Super Firm mattress is perfect for back sleepers on a budget

Dominant mattress-in-a-box brands like Koala and Emma have helped take what was once a niche offering for bed-and-mattress buyers and push the category forward. To the point where I don’t think anyone would bother heading for a furniture store and buying a mattress anymore. That goes double for renters. You buy one online, it’s shipped…

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Koala Beauty Sofa Bed Review: Mattress brand perfects the art of the hybrid

While Koala are still renowned for being the mattress-in-a-box brand in Australia, many still forget that the business is steadily growing into a bit of a one-stop-shop for simple, neutral furniture that straddles the line between affordability and quality. Much has been said about Koala’s exceptional service, transparent delivery and quality builds. And since we’ve…

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What you need to host the perfect movie night with your friends

Movie night comes around and you invite your friends over for some back-to-back Netflix action. Or maybe it’s your turn to host the big game and the pressure is on to make it perfect so everyone has a good time. You’re the host with the most after all; your circle is expecting you go to…

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Koala Modern Sofa Review: Modular design reigns supreme moving forward

Modern thinking has long aligned furniture and home design with wellness, and with work-from-home becoming a better established approach to daily life it’s important to look at the ways we can design our spaces to better complement stress reduction, mindfulness, and an overall feeling of wellbeing. Koala slots into that mentality nicely, seeing as it…

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A guide on how to pick furniture for a more mindful, meditative home design

Marie Kondo’s undeniable popularity and her status as a cultural icon should tell you all you need to know about the importance and popularity of home design. It’s now gone beyond aesthetic, but it’s always been that way. How integral design is to concocting a more mindful, harmonious, and hence nourishing home environment cannot be…

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koala cork sofa

Koala’s new cork sofa is a big step towards sustainable homeware

Koala may be best known for their ridiculously popular mattresses in-a-box, but the environmentally conscious furniture brand has just made a big, sustainable statement outside of the bedroom. Sourcing cork from regenerative cork oak trees in the Mediterranean basin, they have managed to produce Australia’s first ever soda made entirely from cork. Yes, cork. Cork…

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