Koala’s new cork sofa is a big step towards sustainable homeware

koala cork sofa

Koala may be best known for their ridiculously popular mattresses in-a-box, but the environmentally conscious furniture brand has just made a big, sustainable statement outside of the bedroom. Sourcing cork from regenerative cork oak trees in the Mediterranean basin, they have managed to produce Australia’s first ever soda made entirely from cork. Yes, cork. Cork as in what used to sit on top of your favourite bottle of red wine before we all switched to screw caps.

Tapping into the growing demand for sustainable homeware, Koala’s aptly named Cork Sofa has been designed to spearhead a movement towards more leather alternatives in Australia – one’s that don’t compromise on the luxurious aesthetics and comfort we all look for when seeking out a new sofa. Needless to write, no cows were harmed in the making of this sofa.

Cork was chosen for its long-lasting durability and renewability, as well as the fact that cork manufactured products actually absorb CO2 to help reduce carbon footprints.

Of course, this would just be ambition without substance if the cork sofa didn’t actually look good. Fortunately, it does. The textural look of the cork material helps give the sofa a bit of distinction, whether its in Yarra Cork (yellow) or Jenolan Black. Only animal-free and eco-friendly dyes and coating materials have been used to help spruce up the sofa and give it that leathery look.

Although perhaps most attractive of them all is that cork is known for its water-resistant properties, so the sofa is much easier to clean when you’re clumsy mates do clumsy things. Expect a nice patina as well, since cork ages gracefully.

Koala has also made a Cork Ottoman go along with the seat. See the RRP and dimensions for both below.

Koala Cork Sofa, 3-seater: $2,300 | 220cm x 93cm x 90 cm WDH.

Koala Cork Ottoman: $500 | 83cm x 65cm x 45cm WDH.

For those who aren’t familiar with Koala products, the brand does a 120-night trial, so even if you don’t want to commit, there’s always that option.

For more information on the Koala cork sofa and to order one click here.

Chris Singh

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