Lifely’s Deep Dream Super Firm mattress is perfect for back sleepers on a budget

Dominant mattress-in-a-box brands like Koala and Emma have helped take what was once a niche offering for bed-and-mattress buyers and push the category forward. To the point where I don’t think anyone would bother heading for a furniture store and buying a mattress anymore. That goes double for renters.

You buy one online, it’s shipped to you shockingly fast, and you pull it out of the box. It takes around 24 hours to settle and inflate properly but after that you’ve got a supportive, high-quality mattress that you didn’t have to awkwardly push up a set of stairs.

Convenience, comfort and quality. A mattress in a box has become pretty much the only way to cover off the most essential piece of furniture you own. The issue has always been affordability. Mattress in a box brands can be quite pricey, since you’re paying for both convenience and quality.

That’s why a up-and-coming brand like Lifely is such an interesting proposition. It’s fairly new in the market, relatively unknown, but admirable in the strides the brand has taken to make a good mattress-in-a-box product that won’t take the credit card through the ringer.

I’ve been testing out one of Lifely’s most popular products, the Deep Dream Super Firm mattress, for a few months now and can see this making an impact on the market. Especially for those who rent since they have been going through it lately with all the rental raises and cost of living crisis.

Over the next few years, affordability is going to be the paramount consideration. The luxury market exploded after the pandemic, but now disposable income is drying up and people are looking, desperately, at areas where they can save money.

Yes, doom and gloom. But there’ll always be someone moving into a new apartment. And there will always be someone who needs a good mattress they can sleep on.

After all, we spend half of our lives asleep. It’s worth taking care of all the details there. With Lifely, it’s now become much more financially viable to do so without crying yourself to sleep.

Design & Performance

First off, let’s run through the important points that Lifely has been pushing for the Deep Dream Super Firm, where a Queen starts from just $519.

This is one of the more premium offerings from Lifely so the devil’s in the detail when it comes to construction. It seems the Deep Dream Super Firm has been built to appeal to those looking for something much firmer (it’s in the name, after all) and more supportive while still feeling soft and luxurious. They’ve nailed that, especially by using a very breathable OEKI-TEX certified organic cotton quilt which sits over the top of the mattress and helps greatly with the comfort factor.

The mattress features a signature Deep Dream charcoal-infused foam that helps ward off bacteria, allergens and odours. There’s no proper way to test this, so all I can tell is that I haven’t had a single issue with odours or allergens. But I didn’t with my previous mattress as well. That said, charcoal is known widely for these anti-bacterial properties and many mattress brands are starting to incorporate it into construction. I have little doubt that it does what it says.

More “testable” is the 5-zone ultra-coil pocket spring system which is why the mattress is so exceptionally supportive and keeps my body where it needs to be when I’m asleep. A few brands use this specific system for spine support and alignment, so it’s little surprise that Lifely went with this construction while also keeping the costs down. This also means exceptional edge support so I have little doubt this mattress will remains consistently in-form for many years to come. The warranty is there in case, but I doubt I’ll need it.

Verdict & Value

Cool, clean, comfortable. This product from Lifely is shockingly inexpensive to the point where expecting a compromise would be reasonable. But if there have been compromises, then I can’t notice them. This is every bit as robust and comfortable as some of the more expensive mattress in a box products I’ve tried out over the past few years, which tells me that this category is finally ready to start looking at reducing costs and upping the competition. As such, Lifely’s arrival in the Australian market is a very welcome one. Especially since a Queen starts at $519. Outrageously good value.

A few issues, however. This is heavy. Notably moreso than other mattress-in-a-box products I’ve tested before. You’ll then need to give the mattress 24 hours to fully decompress so make sure you factor that in if you’re mattress-less right now. Also be weary if you’re a side sleeper. Firm mattresses are much better suited to back sleepers as it keeps them in place, whereas this mattress doesn’t have enough “give” to play well with side-sleepers. That said, I’m a side sleeper and I’d say this mattress has actually helped me move around less during my sleep.


Highlights: Very firm and supportive. Super affordable.
Lowlights: Side sleepers may find it harder to switch positions at night. Very heavy.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is an Editor-At-Large at the AU review, loves writing about travel and hospitality, and is partial to a perfectly textured octopus. You can reach him on Instagram: @chrisdsingh.