What you need to host the perfect movie night with your friends

Movie night comes around and you invite your friends over for some back-to-back Netflix action. Or maybe it’s your turn to host the big game and the pressure is on to make it perfect so everyone has a good time. You’re the host with the most after all; your circle is expecting you go to big.

You’ve taken care of the snacks. Maybe you’ve even cooked up a few gourmet nibbles. You’ve definitely got the drinks sorted and you spent more time than you’d like to admit arranging the world’s greatest charcuterie board.

But all of that will mean nothing if your mates rock up to shoddy furniture. Or worse, dusty bean bags and uncomfortable cushions. Not only does not having the right furniture for your home cinema look bad, but the discomfort can detract from all of the fun. And the effort you’ve put in.

You can’t have substance without style. This is why La-Z-Boy is essential for that pitch-perfect movie night. And yes, we’re talking about the brand that started it all. The original La-Z-Boy recliner was first designed by cousins Edwin Shoemaker and Edward Knabusch in 1927, building an icon of the home into a global empire, its panache and superior functionality are represented in homes around Australia.

There’s no such thing as the best seat in the house if you’ve picked right from La-Z-Boy’s expansive range of recliners, sofas, and modular furniture. Every seat is the best seat in the house.

Stain-resistant fabrics, stylish designs, and even head-turning lift chairs like the Eden Platinum give you a plethora of options so you can style your dream home cinema your way. Regardless if you’re living in an inner-city share house or your dream home.

Below, we’ve listed five of our best tips on how you can use the La-Z-Boy range to maximize your design and nail that movie night. Just be prepared for your friends to make this a regular thing.

Get That Style Right

Maybe you want something as sleek and cinematic as the Anika – Chrome 3 Seater or a couch packed full of personality like the Monroe Twin Power Reclining 3 Seater.

It’ll all depend on what aesthetic you’re going for with your home cinema, your budget, and what fabric you want. La-Z-Boy has it all, with most options customisable with many different fabric or leather options.

We’re big fans of the head-turning Atlanta Recliner + Footstool, which has 18 covers to choose from including premium leathers or performance fabrics.

Sign Up To As Many Streaming Services As You Can

Netflix, Stan, Kayo, Binge. If you really want a memorable movie night then variety and flexibility is key. Use Kayo for sports and Netflix, Binge and Stan for everything else. That way you’ll have access to a seemingly endless trove of old and new movies, TV shows, documentaries and live sports.

Just be sure to make your decisions before movie night and stick to them. No one wants to be browsing for hours figuring out what to watch before you all agree on something.

Get The Snacks Ready

Again, snacks are paramount. But we advise going further than some party mix, Jatz, and dip. Set up a full refreshment station and your friends will appreciate the effort.

Need a place to keep those snacks safe? The United Twin Power Reclining 2.5 Seater has a console for cup holders and storage so you can keep your snacks close and your drinks handy

Think About Lighting

You can’t have a cinema without great lighting. Invest in some smart lighting where you can change the exact hue whenever you want via an app. Or just make sure your TV is positioned away from any glare while you dim the lights and break out the popcorn.

Keep Your Tech Cutting Edge

Soundbars are essential here. Grab something like the Sonos Arc or JBL Bar 1000 if you really want those nuances to come across with object-based audio and a wide soundstage. The best home cinemas are the ones that are as immersive as possible, after all. Without question, a good, premium soundbar will help you do that so you don’t have to rely on tinny TV speakers.

You’ll also want to make sure that your seat of choice is as cutting edge as the screen and soundbar in front of you. The La-Z-Boy range has a variety of power recliners and sofas that will literally power you through that movie marathon. Most of the powered range have USB ports as well, so you can keep that phone handy in case you inevitably need to Google what other movie that actor was in.

If you’re ready to take this seriously and build a gold-standard home cinema to help elevate those movie nights head on over to La-Z-Boy and browse their range.