Fantasia Film Festival Review: The Last Thing Mary Saw takes pride in the subtle and suggestive nature of religious horror

August 17, 2021

Religious principles and the notion of intolerance run thematically rampant in The Last Thing Mary Saw, a horror-leaning drama film that announces first time filmmaker Edoardo Vitaletti as an intriguing mind to keep our radar on. Opting for tension and unease rather than overt gore, Mary… is an 1843 set period chiller that opens on […]

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Fantasia Film Festival Review: Baby Money sits comfortably within the subgenre of the “home invasion” thriller

August 11, 2021

A simple thriller that adheres to the mindset that not all genre efforts have to hone complicated narratives, Baby Money adjusts the home invasion subgenre enough for its familiarities to not feel habitual. The “baby money” of the title is the currency Minny (Danay Garcia) and her boyfriend, Gil (Michael Drayer), are in need of […]

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Fantasia Film Festival Review: Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It fuses slapstick comedy and irreverent bloodshed

August 6, 2021

A group of men looking to escape their everyday lives, a couple of inept gangsters, and a one-eyed killer who thirsts for his kills cross paths in Ernar Nurgaliev‘s wild horror comedy Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It. Slapstick comedy and irreverent bloodshed work hand-in-hand throughout the film’s crisp 85 minute running time, centring initially on […]

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Fantasia Film Festival Review: Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes revels in the possibilities of creativity

August 5, 2021

Whenever an evidently low-budgeted project gets itself off the ground and revels in the possibilities of creativity, rather than monetary reliance, whatever the result it’s difficult to not be somehow impressed. Such is the case with Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes, a high-concept time-loop effort filmed on iPhones and born from an acting workshop.  It […]

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Disney: The Magic of Animation exhibit to bring wonder to Melbourne this winter

May 13, 2021

Australia’s national museum of screen culture, ACMI (formerly Australian Centre for the Moving Image), has brought the internationally acclaimed Disney: The Magic of Animation exhibit to Melbourne for its Australian debut as part of the city’s Melbourne Winter Masterpiece series. From today, May 13th, through to Sunday, October 17th 2021, the exhibition celebrates a near-century […]

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