Emily Taheny

Film Review: The Flip Side (Australia, 2018) is breezy and enjoyable but far too safe and predictable

Australian cinema has produced some of the finest comedy the screen has ever seen. But the romantic comedy genre is not a territory we Aussies explore particularly well. For every groundbreaking example like last year’s sublime Ali’s Wedding, there’s something as generically safe as The Flip Side, the debut feature film from producer-turned-writer/director Marion Pilowsky. There’s nothing…

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Emily Taheny talks about the new comedy series Little Acorns, reflects on Mad as Hell

After talking with Genevieve Morris, we caught up with to Emily Taheny about her new show Little Acorns, which is now screening on demand. We discuss the fun of filming with kids on the show, male nannies, as well as her time on Comedy Inc. and Mad as Hell. Let’s go! Little Acorns releases on…

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New Australian Comedy Series Little Acorns to star Rachel Griffiths; launches online in September

Set in a childcare centre called Big Oak, Little Acorns is a new Australian comedy series that will be available exclusively through YouTube from 1st September. The series will be told in nine parts, running in bite-size 3-5 minute episodes. Written and directed by Maria Theodorakis and Trudy Hellier, Little Acorns shows adults behaving like…

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