Emily Taheny talks about the new comedy series Little Acorns, reflects on Mad as Hell

After talking with Genevieve Morris, we caught up with to Emily Taheny about her new show Little Acorns, which is now screening on demand. We discuss the fun of filming with kids on the show, male nannies, as well as her time on Comedy Inc. and Mad as Hell. Let’s go!

Little Acorns releases on September 1st. Congrats on the show so far and with the impending air date getting closer are you getting nervous on how well the show will be received, especially being released online and not on TV?

I think it’s great having it released online and all at once, perfect for the binge watchers, being five to six minute episodes. If you don’t have much time, it’s great.

After watching the first three episodes, I cannot wait to see where you’re going with Leslie (Matt Mcfarlane) I know this show is highlighting the incredible women of the industry, but on the other hand it is so refreshing to see a male child care worker. Did you get any feedback on introducing one for the show?

Not really any feedback yet. It’s funny, I never really thought much into it. I know of a few male nannies, just not in day-cares. I actually have a friend of mine who started up a business in London, which was an all-male nanny business.

When researching the show more, I came across a centre that was actually called Little Acorns Child Care Centre in Ipswich UK. I’m guessing there is no relation to your show after I realised I was on the wrong website and when a testimonial was written “Children are happy, confident and eager to learn with the staff at this very welcoming and child friendly centre”, I am quite sure that wasn’t related to your centre from Little Acorns?

That… Is quite a long slogan, but no, I don’t think it was any relation.

Do you have any children yourself?

No I don’t but the other day my brother had another baby. So that’s now my 26th nephew or niece. So 13 nephews and 13 nieces. I have been changing nappies since I was nine.

I was speaking with Genevieve Morris a few days ago, such an awesome woman. Gen told me she was the one that wanted you for the role of Emily on Little Acorns.

Oh really? That is interesting. I never asked who picked who. I don’t ever ask, because then I get paranoid about all the others who didn’t want me.

What are some of your highlights while filming Little Acorns?

There were so many. Technically the crew were fantastic. It was quite a big shoot for a little web-series. I have to say, the labia cake was pretty awesome. I think when the kids were on set, that is when it became really interesting. There was one kid who had to say a couple of lines and he was just so adorable, mucking about and just the innocence, not understanding the world of television. I also had to change some babies and there some twins, when one would start crying they would just shove the other one in which was good!

While relaxing and enjoying my day off, I sat watching a tonne of Comedy Inc. clips. I cannot believe it’s been almost 10 years since the show ended and how far comedy has come since then.

Yeah, WOW ten years for Comedy Inc.!? We should all come back for a reunion special, that would be a great idea.

Some of the parodies that show had and its subject matter come so close to today’s politically incorrect climate. Are we all just becoming too sensitive now and come across as a bunch of cry-babies? Has it made releasing comedy any harder for you and do you have to avoid tripping over any of it?

Yes, I do a bit, especially on Mad as Hell, there is kind of a line there. It’s a real tough question to answer because to be honest, I don’t consider things very often. I think you just instinctively know.


Absolutely love Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell. My most recent memory was your character of Gemma Peedi ‘Coles PR Spokesmodel’ for the recent pricing of cheap milk in supermarkets. What has been your favourite character so far that you have played?

Oh, I forgot about Gemma. My favourite character?  Has to be Christopher Pine’s Stalker. She is my favourite, because I can get completely lost in her.

Do you stay in touch with Shaun and your co-stars between shoots?

Yes, we all stay in touch. Shaun and Francis Greenslade are doing The Odd Couple at the Melbourne Theatre Company, so we are all definitely going to go out and see that there.

Will there be a Mad as Hell Series 7?

I think there will be yes now that series 6 is all wrapped up.

What is your favourite TV show at the moment? Any favourite movies?

Can I say something really daggy? I love Grand Designs. Grand Designs is my thing. I also have a guilty pleasure with the Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I got hooked on Gilmore Girls after Stranger Things was too scary for me. House of Cards is also great, but I can’t watch too much of that at once. It’s kind of like eating too many sweets, you feel sick, I feel like I need a shower after watching it, it’s so evil. I don’t watch The Bachelor. Masterchef is great; I love cooking shows.

Did you check out Zumbo’s Just Desserts?

Nope, not interested in desserts. I am a savoury girl. I don’t understand how they can create an entire show out of desserts?

Do you play any kinds of video games or smart-phone apps?

Negative, nope. I do have a friend who loves it though. We were on a tram and I found it a little irritating.

Because they had their face in a phone?

Not really that, it’s because he would get excited and really loud and I had to tell him to keep it down, I didn’t want everyone to know he was playing Pokémon. It’s funny really, I saw another man on a tram the other day (I spend a lot of time on trams) and he was playing Pokémon. I thought it was crazy, he would have been in his fifties.

Now that Little Acorns is finished for now, what’s coming up next for you?

I have a guest appearance on House Husbands and Mad as Hell. Also projects in development that I’d like to say are top secret, but really, I don’t want to say anything in case they don’t go ahead and they never happen.

Thank you for talking to us Emily, congrats on the show and we hope to speak again when Little Acorns hopefully returns for series two.

Little Acorns is now exclusively online and free to view HERE.


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