Dylan Gelula

Melbourne International Film Festival Review: Freshman Year is a sweet and more emotional college comedy

August 6, 2021

With a title like Freshman Year, known originally as Shithouse, you’d be forgiven for thinking Cooper Raiff‘s debut is more akin with the juvenile comedies so many cinematic colleges have been the setting for.  Nothing could be further from the reality though, with Raiff injecting a sweetness and raw emotion into his script as it […]

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Interview: First Girl I Loved Director Kerem Sanga on marriage equality and the film’s Australian release

July 3, 2017

When First Girl I Loved screened in September 2016 as part of the 4th annual Queer Screen Film Fest in Sydney, I was initially disappointed by the film’s second half (read more in my original review). It wasn’t because it was bad film, far from it, however, it was because I had no idea what to expect […]

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