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Film Review: The Roundup: No Way Out manoeuvres the beats of the action genre with a welcome unpredictability

June 3, 2023

Despite being the third film in the respective Crime City series – preceded by The Outlaws (2017) and The Roundup (2022) – The Roundup: No Way Out very much operates on its own.  Sure, it helps to have seen the other films, but Lee Sang-yong‘s enthusiastic actioner transmits a joy and an individuality that doesn’t […]

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Film Review: The Roundup is beautifully brutal, crowd-pleasing cinema

June 30, 2022

Korean cinema has always been a hub of unmatched quality.  Whilst those that have enjoyed the fruits of labour over the decades aren’t remotely surprised at such a statement – and have been waiting for the world to catch up through viewings of I Saw the Devil and Oldboy – the recent successes of the […]

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Film Review: Eternals opts for a more emotional, biblical edge as it deviates from the standard Marvel fare

November 3, 2021

After thirteen years and twenty-five films, it only makes sense that the standard formula for what makes a Marvel movie earns something of a deviation from the expected.  The tightly choreographed fight sequences, the amusing quips, the CGI-heavy climactic battle…all ingredients that, to the testament of such an institution, have been recycled in a variety […]

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