The Magnificent Seven

Film Review: The Magnificent Seven (USA, 2016) is not hard to enjoy

John Sturges’ 1960 American Western has been polished and updated with a culturally diverse – for the sake of being culturally diverse – cast and a keen eye on box office glory. Antoine Fuqua’s updated version of The Magnificent Seven is a successful outing in this sense, roping in the likes of a sullen Denzel…

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Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington’s The Magnificent Seven gets its first trailer

2016 is shaping up to be a great year for Westerns that start with ‘the’ and end in a number of gun-slinging bros. Following Quentin Tarantino‘s latest meticulously-curated bloodbath, The Hateful Eight, and Netflix’s Adam Sandler vehicle, The Ridiculous Six, comes The Magnificent Seven. Based off John Sturges‘s 1960’s classic of the same name, The…

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