BlizzConline 2021

Burning Crusade

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic coming in 2021

In response to overwhelming fan demand, World of Warcraft Classic will add the beloved Burning Crusade expansion to its roster. The Burning Crusade was the first major expansion to World of Warcraft and made numerous changes to gameplay and mechanics. For players that have exhausted all of WOW Classic‘s content, you will be able to…

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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

World of Warcraft Shadowlands unleashes the Chains of Domination

The first major content upgrade to World of Warcraft Shadowlands, Chains of Dominion, makes some dramatic changes to the Shadowlands post-game story. The Jailer’s power grows. Anduin is held in the thrall of the Lich King. Baston has fallen. Sylvanas questions her own brutal crusade. Chains of Domination is the same Patch 9.1 that leaked…

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Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 Resurrected brings an RPG masterpiece back to life

Blizzard Entertainment has formally unveiled its latest HD remaster, Diablo 2 Resurrected. The package contains the original Diablo 2 and its expansion, Lord of Destruction. The remaster doesn’t simply uprez the game existing game and add a few new monitor resolutions either. This is a ground-up remake that reconstructs the original in 3D with new…

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Diablo 4 trailer

Diablo 4 trailer reveals brand new Rogue class

A new Diablo 4 trailer has debuted at BlizzConline 2021, Blizzard Entertainment’s fully online fan convention. It’s been over a year since Blizzard first announced Diablo 4 to a hungry community. Following the game’s announcement, news became quite scarce. The team put its collective head down and went to work. Anticipation for Diablo 4 is…

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