World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic coming in 2021

Burning Crusade

In response to overwhelming fan demand, World of Warcraft Classic will add the beloved Burning Crusade expansion to its roster.

The Burning Crusade was the first major expansion to World of Warcraft and made numerous changes to gameplay and mechanics. For players that have exhausted all of WOW Classic‘s content, you will be able to move onto the BC campaign no harm, no foul. But if you’d like to stay in Launch Era Azeroth forever, you don’t have to move on.

The BC update will wind the clock back to the exact moment the expansion first launched, warts and all. If you’ve ever wished you could go back to those heady days, or maybe you’re just curious to see what the game was like then, this is your chance.

World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic launches later this year. Illidan will think you aren’t prepared, but you’re gonna show him a thing or two.

David Smith

David Smith is the former games and technology editor at The AU Review. He has previously written for PC World Australia. You can find him on Twitter at @RhunWords.