Adelaide Festival of Arts

Tonight’s Q&A is coming to you live and direct from Adelaide Festival of Arts

March 13, 2017

Tonight’s instalment of ABC’s Q&A will be a little different from normal. For a start, regular host Tony Jones has been given the week off. Taking on hosting responsibilities in his place will be comedian Tom Ballard. This weeks Q&A will also be coming to you direct from the Adelaide Festival of the Arts. With […]

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Adelaide Festival Review: Sufjan Stevens + NGAIIRE – Thebarton Theatre (29.02.16)

March 2, 2016

Okay, so if you’ve been keeping tabs on Sufjan Stevens‘ recent Australian shows, you’ll have gotten the inkling that they have been all-in, emotional affairs. Of course, it’s to be expected of Sufjan, that his music presents such delicately evocative narratives and especially with his latest album Carrie & Lowell, there’s some intensely personal stories to be […]

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Magma (France) on their upcoming performance with SUNN O))) at the Adelaide Festival of Arts!

February 21, 2016

For many fans of progressive and avant-garde rock music, Magma would surely stick out as a notable band of the genre. The French musicians came together in 1969, formed by Christian Vander,  and have since crafted a legacy of music appreciated and admired by many. Catching the band performing live is something of a rare occurrence, especially […]

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1927’s Paul Barritt on Golem and bringing the award-winning production to the Adelaide Festival of Arts!

February 18, 2016

Following on from the ideas projected through the 2015 production Nufonia Must Fall, 1927 returns to the Adelaide Festival of Arts this year with a continued exploration of the relationship between man and machine with Golem. Where Nufonia detailed a love story, Golem takes the audience into darker, nightmarish territory in highlighting the dangerous dependency […]

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