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Film Review: The Bob’s Burgers Movie is a joyful and weird musical comedy for fans and the uninitiated alike

May 24, 2022

Whilst it makes sense that fans of the Bob’s Burgers television series will get more out of The Bob’s Burgers Movie, the uninitiated are likely to experience enough genuine joy from this weird, though consistently amusing musical comedy that straddles the line successfully between delightful and lightly demented. As summer break approaches, the titular Bob […]

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Film Review: Ron’s Gone Wrong delivers its mature message with a sense of adolescent abandon

October 27, 2021

Comparisons between Ron’s Gone Wrong and 2014’s Big Hero 6 seem inevitable, yet, apart from the central relationship between a young adolescent boy and an operated robot, the two share little DNA, so it’s probably best that’s put to bed before going any further.  Much like the titular Ron, the Sarah Smith/Jean-Phillipe Vine-directed feature is […]

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Interview: Free Guy director Shawn Levy and the creative team on bringing their unique world to life

August 10, 2021

To coincide with the anticipated release of Free Guy, 20th Century Studios invited our own Peter Gray to chat with the film’s creative team during a roundtable dialogue.  Discussing with director Shawn Levy, production designer Ethan Tobman, SFX supervisor Swen Gillberg, cinematographer George Richmond, and stunt coordinator Chris O’Hara were, among Ryan Reynolds praise, the intricacies of […]

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Interview: Ron’s Gone Wrong directors Sarah Smith and Jean-Philippe Vine on addressing social media and physical separation

June 10, 2021

To coincide with the trailer launch of Ron’s Gone Wrong, the latest animated comedy adventure from 20th Century Studios telling the story of a socially awkward middle-schooler and his digitally-connected, walking, talking “best friend” whose hilarious malfunctions set him apart in this digital age, Peter Gray chatted with the film’s directors, Sarah Smith and Jean-Philippe […]

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