Track of the Week: Isabella Manfredi “Jealousy” (2021)

Isabella Manfredi

With news breaking yesterday that The Preatures are disbanding, after ten successful years, we were delighted to find out today that lead-singer Isabella Manfredi is dropping her debut single, “Jealousy”.

From the opening beats of “Jealousy”, it’s apparent that Manfredi has launched her solo career with a bang. Her powerful vocals, packed with emotion and swagger are a delight. She sings of jealousy, and not wanting to feel like that.

Manfredi says of the song “Jealousy’ was the very first song I wrote in London with producers Rich Cooper and Johnny Latimer [..] I did the demo vocals in one or two takes and they are what you hear on the record. It was one of those essential and immediate co-writing experiences where I couldn’t tell where I ended and the others began, and I’m truly grateful to both Johnny and Rich, masters of their craft, for helping me shape the shock and anger I was feeling that day into a lean, mean pop song.

As well as being in the throes of launching her solo career, Manfredi is about to give birth to her first child, a heady mix of challenges no doubt. “Jealousy” was co-produced in Sydney with Chris Collins.

The video for the track was also released today. It was directed by Byron Spencer. About the video, Isabella says, “I was pretty pregnant by the time we got to conceiving a video for Jealousy, and the two things already felt so incongruent and ludicrous – a song about an unfaithful, embittered ex, meanwhile I’m happily committed and pregnant and moving on with my life! I loved the idea of flipping the concept to be about creative – even energetic – jealousy. I’m bigger, I’m fuller, I’m making life, I’m making pasta, I’m selling you the dream, I’m in my element. Meanwhile this ‘Wake in Fright’ type male fan is becoming obsessed with my baby belly. It’s just so funny. Byron and I have known each other for years and it was my absolute dream to work with him on this with an amazing team. “


“Jealousy” Is Out Now via Island Records Australia/UMA

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Photo credit: Maclay Heriot

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