Track of the Day: Scarlet (UK) “Bring Me Down” (2020)


UK grunge-rock four-piece Scarlet, have just released their latest single “Bring Me Down”. It’s a rocking kick-arse tune laden with hooks and cascading guitars. It’s the perfect song to kick-start the week as our Track of the Day. Fans of bands such as Hole are going to find plenty to love here.

Front woman, Jessie ‘Scarlet’ Robinson says “Bring Me Down is about constantly being treated like a mug. Being underestimated and held back by people that should be working with you. It’s about not being taken seriously, realising it, and setting yourself free. It’s about an escape and gaining the ability to say NO MORE and promise yourself that you’ll NEVER be brought down or made to feel worthless and insignificant again.”

Pre-Covid, the band had two major tours in the UK, selling out shows in towns such as Nottingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, and Liverpool. It will undoubtedly be a while before they get down to Australia, but in the meantime, enjoy “Bring Me Down”.

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Bruce Baker

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