New Music Discoveries 10th May: Johnny Hunter, Jem Cassar-Daley, Stand Atlantic and more

Our Discovery playlist on Spotify and Apple Music has been updated with a further ten new tracks, including two tracks we exclusively premiered earlier in the week. Sydney’s Johnny Hunter are back with “Frustration”, their first new single in two years, and it’s our Track of the Week.

The post-punk outfit have come back with a bang. It’s a moody critique of late-stage capitalism delivered with big hooks and searing vocals. Frontman Nick Hutt often challenges stereotypes and societal woes in his songwriting. About the track he writes: “’Frustration’ is a call to overcome my utter distaste at the state of a world in which no one truly believes in anything except what they consume in order to be perceived.”.  We are looking forward to catching them at The Great Escape in Brighton next week.

Elizabeth S. Drummond explores the dark art of being infatuated (Baby Reindeer anyone?). There are some killer lines in this infectious and haunting odyssey – “I kinda like the way you handle my heart / Crush it to pieces in the name of your art / There’s nothing I won’t do, won’t do for you / I could be anyone you want me to be”. 

Texas Aint That FarIs It Dear?” is the latest to drop from Jem Cassar-Daley, a pop singer-songwriter who goes from strength to strength with every release. It’s a track imbued with nostalgia, as the protaganist has to face up to a relationship which is about to become very long-distance.

Cranking thinks up a notch or two, is “Up-tight” from Connecticut trio Perennial – at just under two minutes, it’s whip-smart art-punk. Their new album, Art History, is set for release on 7th June 2024.

Eels also have a new album being released on the 7th June, EELS TIME!,  and the latest single to drop is “If Im Gonna Go Anywhere”. It will be their fifteenth studio album, which started off with their 1996 debut, Beautiful Freak.

We fell in love with Jess Cornelius in her former band, Teeth & Tongue, and she is on the cusp of releasing her second solo album,  CARE/TAKING out June 14th. “Laps In The Drugstore”, is the latest single from Jess, and features her beautiful melodies, a cativating guitar line, stabbing piano keys and has a cracking video as well.

Stand Atlantic have shown their versatility in “LOVE U ANYWAY”, a fair-dinkum love song. Lead singer, Bonnie Fraser shares of the track:  ‘love u anyway is the first explicit love song i’ve ever done. i tried to draw on my experience of how i felt in relationships that have huge ups and massive lows – u get addicted to the cycles together but ultimately you hold onto the idea that you will love each other through it all… spoiler alert it did not last forever for me but the song’s message is still cute as hell so the lyrics STAY!!!

They are playing shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne at the end of August to celebrate the release of their forthcoming studio album, Was Here (out 23rd August) – head to their website for details.

“Shine Through” is an emotive and heartfelt tribute from folk songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alana Wilkinson. Penned to her grandmother, it captures beautifully those special moments between the two. It is sure to resonate with many. She writes: “‘My grandmother was a complete legend and we shared a really special connection. No matter how old I got, we played piano together, baked, danced, made puppets and painted pictures.’

Finally we have two exclusive premieres from Jesse Morrison (“Edge of the Earth”) and Jovi Skyler (“Lil Bo Weep”).

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Here’s the complete list of new additions this week:

Johnny Hunter “Frustration”
Elizabeth M. Drummond “Everything”
Jem Cassar-Daley “Texas Ain’t That Far, Is It Dear?”
Perennial “Up-tight”
Jess Cornelius “Laps in the Drugstore”
Stand Atlantic “LOVE U ANYWAY”
Alana Wilkinson “Shine Through”
Jesse Morrison “Edge of the Earth” [Exclusive EP Premiere]
Jovi Skyler “Lil Bo Weep” [Exclusive Video Premiere]