Exclusive EP Premiere: Jesse Morrison – Tyrrell St (2024 EP)

Jesse Martin

Jesse Morrison is a singer/songwriter hailing from Newcastle who has the knack for brilliantly detailing the ebbs and flows of life. He has been teasing out singles for the past few years, and we are very excited to be premiering his debut EP, the brilliant Tyrrell St, ahead of its release on Friday.

Jesse released his debut track, “State of Uncertainty”, in 2020 and has followed that up with four more singles. During this time, he has become a regular performer in venues around his hometown, building up to the release of this debut record.

Love and love-lost are front and centre of the first two tracks. Sometimes, you need to know when to rip that bandaid off a relationship that is inevitably going to fail, and this is deftly captured in the opener, “Don’t Call”. It’s not all doom and gloom however, the flip side of this is how far will you come with me on our journey together? Hopefully to the “Edge of the Earth”.

Many childhood summers were spent at that ‘special place’, up or down the coast. When you revisit this place sometime later, the changes can be startling. “Riverside” certainly brings back memories of my childhood summer holidays and the dismay at the developments that subsequently have taken place.

Tyrrell St is a concise collection of four tracks, from timeless folk to rip-roaring indie feels. A gifted songwriter, sweet guitars and a passionate delivery has Jesse landing a gem of a debut.

Jesse will be lauching his EP at The Rogue Scholar this Saturday night in Newcastle. Details are below. He has given the AU his own insights into the songs on the EP. So do press <Play> and read on.

Track by track – Tyrrell  St from Jesse Morrison

Don’t Call
This track starts the EP off with a high energy that draws in the listener, the story behind the song however is that of a breakup, in which one of the people are constantly trying to call & get back into the others life, just to go and ruin it again. Don’t call comes from a time in my life where i was seeing the same toxic person over & over again until I finally made the decision to not let myself fall into the trap that was their phone call.

Edge of the Earth
“Edge of the Earth” is my take on a sort of love song, in an honest way. Everything about this song was super personal when I first wrote it, just coming out of a long term relationship. The song touches on a sort of, if I left to travel the world, would you drop everything and run away with me. Releasing this song was always on the cards, but I’m super excited to see some reactions to this one as its one of my most honest tracks, songwriting wise.


“Riverside” is another close to home track, written about my ‘home away from home’, which I spent majority of my summer holidays with my family. The river we stayed at throughout 20 years was clearly heading downhill, with the banks widening, trees falling and just general care for the parks & health of the surroundings themselves were beginning to lack. It was such a huge shame to see a place you love start to change into something you almost no longer recognise, to put it dramatically.

Down by the Sea
“Down by the Sea” is the oldest of these 4 tracks, I actually wrote this way back in 2018, way before any sort of idea that i would ever be a musician, let alone release music.
This song feels like a memory, with the lyrics trying to give you flashbacks to a time where things were good/bad & eventually falls into that floaty feeling “into the ocean” & pulls forward that specific memory of the first time you saw that person.


Jesse Morrison – Tyrrell St EP Launch

May 11 – The Rogue Scholar, Newcastle, NSW – W/ Grace Aberhart + Claudi – Free entry | 18+ only

You can keep up to date with Jesse Morrison via his WebsiteFacebook, Instagram and Spotify

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