Live Review: Stand Atlantic and Slowly Slowly rock Torquay Hotel with their co-headline regional tour

The Torquay Hotel was ablaze with excitement on a frosty Friday night, as the co-headlining regional tour featuring Slowly Slowly and Stand Atlantic drew an eager crowd that filled every nook and cranny of the venue.

The night had a delayed start, with doors opening at 8 pm, followed by TOWNS at 8:30, Stand Atlantic at 9:30, and Slowly Slowly at 10:55. Despite the timing hiccup, the Torquay Hotel staff managed the event with seamless precision. As libations flowed and music reverberated through the air, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation.

Kicking off the evening was TOWNS, who brought a stadium-level energy to their performance, regardless of the room’s occupancy.

Sydney’s Stand Atlantic took the stage at 9:30, captivating the now-packed crowd from the very first note. Their set, a blend of past and recent hits, showcased their 2020 album Pink Elephant and 2022’s F.E.A.R.

Frontwoman Bonnie Fraser and bassist Miki Rich led the charge, encouraging the audience to jump, sing along, and even create a “wall of death” more than once. Standouts from their set were fan favourites “Skinny Dipping” and “Coffee at Midnight”, as well as the closing track, “molotov (OK)”

While a few technical glitches and occasional lulls in between songs occurred, these minor blips were overshadowed by the band’s undeniable talent and cohesion. Stand Atlantic’s performance was electrifying, leaving fans buzzing with energy.

After a brief intermission, the crowd ventured outside to recharge in the chilly Torquay air. Upon returning, it was evident that the late hour and alcohol had taken a toll on some, as the energy level dipped slightly. However, the anticipation soared when Slowly Slowly took the stage at 10:55 pm.

Opening with numbers from their latest album Daisy Chain, “Turn It Around,” “Longshot,” and “Forget You,” were met with enthusiasm from the crowd who sang along with every word. Frontman Ben Stewart, with his infectious energy and exceptional vocals, stole the spotlight.

Slowly Slowly delivered a diverse setlist, weaving in tracks from Racecar Blues (2020) and St Leonard’s (2018), and even revisiting their 2016 debut album with “PMTWGR.” Closing with “Creature of Habit Pt. 2,” they maintained the high-octane energy, leaving the crowd satisfied with an unforgettable night of music.

Those who were fortunate enough to be at the Torquay Hotel bore witness to an exhilarating evening of live music, with each band bringing their unique charisma to the stage. Despite a few technical hiccups and the weariness that late-night hours can bring, the performances by TOWNS, Stand Atlantic, and Slowly Slowly left an indelible mark on the audience, making this night in Torquay one to remember for a long time.


You can still catch Stand Atlantic and Slowly Slowly on their regional co-headliner tour, grab your tickets HERE