Exclusive Video Premiere: Jovi Skyler “Lil Bo Weep” (2024)

Jovi Skyler

Last month, Sydneysider punk-rocker singer-songwriter and DIY music video maker Jovi Skyler released Call It A Day, his latest EP. One of the tracks on the EP is “Lil Bo Weep”, a wild and haunting song that details the life and struggle of the late Adelaide artist.  We thrilled today to be premiering the video for this high-energy track.

It’s a moving video, showing footage of the trailblazing singer/songwriter and rapper from Adelaide. About the clip, Jovi writes: “I tried to match the song’s atmosphere with the visuals to provide insights into a foreign land. The clip for “Lil Bo Weep” was conjured up on a rainy night on the drive back home from the studio.”

Jovi is a prolific DIY artist, from the songwriting to the recording and the production to the creation of his own videos. He recorded the EP at The Parliament Studios in Sydney, teaching himself how to play bass in two days in the studio. No mucking about with Jovi! “Lil Bo Weep” is a rollicking ride, steeped in all the feels of punk and alt-rock.

Jovi released his debut album, Nothing to Do,  in 2023, and has promptly followed it up with his Call It a Day EP. From an artist who studied at the Conservatorium of Music before dropping out and heading to Europe and playing gigs in bars and clubs, he has found his range as a DIY artist, uncompromising and always stretching himself creatively.

“Lil Bo Weep” will be released as a single on Friday, 10th May 2024.

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