Melbourne’s Naté Vibrations shares his musical tastes and influences

Nate Vibrations

Earlier this month Melbourne-based producer and hip hop artist Naté Vibrations dropped the summer-tinged track, “Hop Out”, and irrespective of what the weather is currently doing, this is a track to get you zinging about.

From the fun jaunty opening on the keys to the driving beats and vocals, “Hop Out” is a total trip. It simmers, it sends shivers, it’s got a hell of a vibe about it.

The track was recorded in his home studio, with co-producer SANI, with IconicBeats on mixing and mastering. Naté described how the track came together:  “Sometimes I have a hook before I even touch a beat and I spend hours and hours working with my producer to create the music I hear in my head. Other times we just play around and it all happens naturally. This song in particular was an interesting one. We went to some Airbnb for a week and just made, like, 25+ beats.”

“After I played around with what I thought were my favourite ones from the trip, weeks later I went back into the folder and found this one hiding away.. lmao no one even really remembers making it. But when I rediscovered it, it was magic. I then instantly wrote the lyrics relating to what I was going through at the time and made some tweaks with SANI and the rest is history.”

“Hop Out” is the first of many tracks promised to come down the pipeline from Naté Vibrations, so stay tuned for future releases.

Do take a listen to “Hop Out” by Naté, then check out the tracks which have influenced him. There’s old and new, but the one constant is total quality.

Naté Vibrations shares his tastes and influences

DUCKWRTH – Kiss U Right Now

This one just speaks to me. Y’now, when I listen I imagine it as a whole story – Duckwrth really did his thing.

Little Simz – Speed

I like the energy Simz is coming with on this one, sometimes a lil’ self-confidence can go a long way – plus the beat is wild.

Rihanna – Disturbia

This will forever be one of my favourite songs.

Steve Lacy – Some

One of the hardest bass lines I ever heard and don’t even get me started on the groove alongside the lyrics.

Baby Keem – No Sense

Probably my fave hip hop/R&B song of 2021!

Prince – Controversy

“Controversy” is very nostalgic to me – my mum would always listen to Prince songs in the car when I was younger.

Genesis Owusu – Don’t Need You

When I first heard this one, I had it on repeat for days – Genesis is a legend.

Dua Lipa – Love Again

The title really does this song justice. Not only does Dua give me hope in love again, the layers of the beat are amazing.

Parcels – Overnight

I can not listen to this song without feeling like dancing.

Aminé – Charmander

A lot of creativity went into this and I respect it and Aminé a lot.

Justin Stewart Cotta

You can keep up to date with Naté Vibrations on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

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