IRFXXN reveals bouncy debut single and video “Latest Song”

Credit: Alz R

You may not have heard the name, but there’s a good chance you’ve come across IRFXXN’s “Latest Song” before. A teaser of the bouncy debut single from this Sydney RnPop singer already amassed over 1 million TikTok views before its official release last Wednesday.

The track was produced by BeatswithSheph and features glossy vocals from IRFXXN (pronounced IRFAAN) over a pumping kick and bass with summery picked guitar. Its upbeat groove and infectious melodies will appeal to fans of Khalid and French Montana while finding a path of his own. A recent signing to Sydney label Sheph Division has given the artist a platform for his unique voice that is quickly turning heads.

“This song from beginning to end was a whole creative unleash. Everything from the lyrics to the drums was a “do as you wish and be free to express”. Be raw, be vocal, be honest. There was no room for timidness, unease or worry. All about being who we are and expressing our sound in a creative and relatable way.”

Lyrically, “Latest Song” exudes confidence as a result of making peace with his musical ambitions which were at odds with his traditional Muslim, Fijian-Indian upbringing. The track is a celebration of staying true to your values through honest expression, everything that IRFXXN embodies.

Performing music in public always came with a whole heap of added baggage. I constantly thought about what my family would think if they found out or how it would impact the way they see me, but you realise soon enough that you are not made to please everyone. Make yourself happy and if the people around you really love you, they’ll be happy for you.”

Accompanying the release is a striking video directed by SkyLake Media (Manu Crooks, Billymaree, Young Lipz), filmed in Eastern Creek. In the clip, IRFXXN performs the song around some slick cars with a pink sunset in the background.

“Initially when we created the song, we put up a small snippet on TikTok that went viral and brought in a lot of new listeners. The general consensus of what my fans were saying was ‘this is my new late night drive jam’. We saw it and ran with what the audience wanted to see. Nice car, nice view and great shots.”

“Latest Song” is available now on all streaming platforms. Follow IRFXXN on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates!