Captivating artist MANE reveals Caught In The Undertow EP, led by empowering single “We Run”

It’s been a busy week for Adelaide based queer performer MANE, with the release of single, EP and a tour announcement.

The single, “We Run” is a tribute to her fiancé, capturing the essence of love, while embracing inclusivity. It celebrates their unwavering bond amid personal struggles, and pays tribute to the wider queer community. This background of being able to take personal stories and weave them into universal stories has made her a recent standout artist.

Reflecting on the emotional journey that shaped this EP, MANE opens up about the profound significance of each track.

“Each song on this EP was written during what has and continues to be a very tormenting/painful season of my life. A season that I continue to struggle to put into words. Because of that, I wanted each song on this EP to be focussed around the love and healing moments that kept/keep me afloat during trying times. It’s a reminder to myself and those listening that sadness and hope can both coexist. I think hope is a currency we all crave to continue to move forward in life…. so finding it (in whatever capacity that might look like for you) is pretty essential to the human experience.”

This album was produced by renowned Adelaide artist, Mario Späte in his “Danger Deer” studio and visionary direction by Benjamin Tamblyn-Morrow. The result is an EP that draws from nature’s beauty and intricacies, to shape the sonic landscape.

Alongside the EP release comes the announcement of four tour dates in Australia. Having been focussed on the US market recently, MANE is happy to share here music with some Australian audiences.

MANE – Caught In The Undertow Tour

October 21st Grace Emily Hotel–Kaurna/Adelaide
November 10th–The Penny Black–Naarm/Melbourne FREE *
November 23rd–The Royal Bondi-Eora/Sydney FREE *
November 26th–North Wollongong Hotel–Dharawal/Wollongong FREE *

* supported by TUSHAR

Final words from Ash Mcgregor, Triple J: “MANE’s vocals are unmatched, she unleashes on this track. I love how it swells and builds and just consumes you!”