Interview: Evie Irie on “Bleed”, convincing her parents to move countries and Amy Shark

Evie Irie is one of the most powerful talents on the rise in Australia. When she was 15, she managed to convince her family to relocate to the US for her music career – a move that has seen her share stages with Bastille, Sigrid and Amy Shark, while hounding open mic nights and discovering her sound.

Her latest single “Bleed” is a milestone in her career, solidifying a punk pop vision that you’ll want to get acquainted with. IBombastic lyrics, with Lizzo-esque spit lines like ‘Call me scissors, cut you off / Hit it hard, I’m a rock‘, meet womping synths, layered breaths, and even a call-and-response moment that Evie harnesses in her live sets.

“It’s just the best thing, especially when people don’t know you. It’s like, you can get, “Nah nah, nah-nah-nah-nah nah-nah,” and they’ll just like say it because it’s so easy,” she said of performing the track live. “After every single show I was playing on the Amy [Shark] tour, everyone was like, ‘What was the song? What was the song? What was the song, please? I can’t find it anywhere, where is it?’ But I’m like just wait, it’s coming soon.”

While chipping away audience-by-audience to capture her fanbase, she’s had her dad right there alongside as her Dad/manager, or as she’s coined, “dad-ager”(who Evie also famously pranks on her TikTok).

“He has definitely been like the best person in my career so far that I’ve met. Maybe that’s biased because he’s my dad. I think that there’s like a couple of things in it; like no one has your best interest but your father and your mother, you know. Like I really do think that it is a volatile industry and it is very hard to find people you trust and you can find someone you trust so much, but in the end, like they’ve got to put food on their plate, you know what I mean? And they’re going to put themselves before you. And my dad has never put himself before me. He’s been so selfless.”

Evie is set to hit the stage again soon with the remaining Amy Shark dates rescheduled for 2022, and with plenty of more gritty grungy pop for us to taste in the meantime.

And if you can’t even wait THAT long, check out our full interview with Evie below!

“Bleed” is OUT NOW!


DEC 31 2021 | Darwin Waterfront Precinct | Darwin, NT
FEB 24 2022 | Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre | Adelaide, SA
FEB 26 2022 | RAC Arena | Perth, WA
MAR 4 2022 | Rod Laver Arena | Melbourne, VIC

Main image credit: Farnoz Shay

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