Guest Playlist: Maple Mall let us in on their favourite road trip tunes

Maple Mall

Illawarra indie quartet Maple Mall are back with a new single — “Down This Way” — their second for 2021 so far; and only their third single of their career overall. 

“Down This Way” is another cracking release from the lads from Illawarra. It really hits those chilled out late summer vibes perfectly. Three singles in and it’s pretty clear that the band are really beginning to settle into the their sound. There’s similarities to the two singles that came before, “Jun’s So Fast” and “Coastin’”, but there’s also enough to set it apart and show they’re not stuck in a creative rut. 

To celebrate the single’s release, and with the promise of some gigs on the horizon, the band have put together a playlist for us highlighting their favourite tracks to get them through a road trip. Hit play and read on:

The Kava Kings  “Happy Days”

This song hits home in all the right ways. The infectious guitars riffs emanate a smooth summer vibe keeping the tune laid back and relaxed. Followed with an eclectic drum beat along with the catchy chorus, this is an allrounder for any road trip playlist.

Seathru “Good Attitude”

“Good Attitude” has a charming way of captivating any listener. Right from the intro the song takes you on a journey keeping you engaged throughout. The upbeat drums and hard driving bass work in sync to keep you bopping. The mellow vocal through the verses and in your face chorus are a match made in heaven. An absolute dream boat for any garage/surf rock fan.

The Terrys “Our Paradise”

The Terrys…Terrys…Terrys… What else do you need to hear? Right from the get go the guitar riffs take you on a psychedelic field trip weaving in and out of the drum and bass. Finchy’s vocal is assertive and memorable. These lads have it all don’t forget the name. WE LOVE THE TEZZAS!

The Kilbeys “Dirty Dance”

Don’t leave this out of your playlist! These boys from the Gong have made something special. So mellow but still so dominant. They’ll have you dirty dancing your whole road trip! An absolute Choo-Choo-CHOOOON!!!!

Strawberry Swing “Blue Moon”

Get ready to be dazzled with funky guitars, and a groovy bassline, as Strawberry Swing will add a bit of spice to your playlist. The energetic vocals and drums will have you singing and swinging in your seat!

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets “Pukebox”

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets further live up to their psychedelic vibe with the hard-hitting “Pukebox”. The driving guitars, lively drum beat, and dynamic vocal harmonies bring you the quintessential psychedelic experience. Prepare to be enlightened…

The Francos “Back to Basics”

Dreamy and nostalgic, “Back to Basics” is like finding your old PS2 and games inside your garage. The Francos deliver a masterclass in ambience with this one, it’s the sort of track that leaves you feeling uplifted and reenergised. Perfect for those long road trips!

Swells “Ben’s Dream”

“Ben’s Dream” must’ve been about writing killer tracks, because it’s a bloody ripper! This song feels like it was custom-built to be belted out at the top of your lungs while cruising the coast with your boys, it’s an essential for any adventure you find yourself on!

Shag Rock “Sun Bleached Girl”

Perfect song to kick back and relax with the windows down. Shag Rock delivers a groovy beat with an authentic Australian sound. This song will have you nodding your head to and from the beach.

The Backseat Lovers “Kilby Girl”

Jaw dropping guitar riffs and licks this song is so good you can’t sit still in your seat. With guitars and drums that sneak up on a killer of a voice and insane instrumentals this performance doesn’t let up leading to a climactic final act with incredible drum fills and a crazy guitar melody. This song is something else!

“Down This Way” is out now. You can keep up to date with Maple Mall via Facebook and Instagram.

You can catch the band at La La La’s on Wednesday March 31st supporting Strawberry Swing. Tickets available HERE.

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