Excusive Single Premiere: Skyepaint ft. Bares “Pipe Dream” (2020)

Today we are premiering “Pipe Dream”, from Skyepaint, featuring Bares. Skyepaint is the moniker for Novocastrian synthpop songwriter/producer Amos Wellings. He has teamed up with Melbourne-based indie-pop singer/songwriter Bares to create a bright summery tune, just the tonic to dance away your problems.  “Pipe Dream” will be released on all streaming services tomorrow.

“Pipe Dream” is an exotic combination of 80’s inspired synths, clean modern production twinned with the incredible vocals of Bares, which shift between registers so effectively.  This track is so freaking catchy, it’s one to stick on repeat.

The song is about unrequited love, as Bares explains: “Pipe Dream captures the frustration and thrill when faced with someone who isn’t willing to quite close the door on their feelings for you. It’s an energetic, free-feeling banger that will hopefully help you dance out all those pathetic feelings attached to unrequited love.”

Skyepaint released his debut single back in 2017. Since then, armed with the iconic ’80’s instrument of choice, the keytar, he has shared lineups with the likes of E^ST, RAAVE TAPES, CLYPSO, Loboku and more.

Grab yourself a tin, or a nice long drink and get your dancing shoes on to “Pipe Dream”.

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Header Image: Kristen Olson

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