Exclusive Single Premiere: Bronte Alva “Taylor Swift” (2023)

Bronte Alva

When it comes to writing a song reflecting on a past relationship, who better to channel than the great Taylor Swift? Rising Dharawal/Wollongong-based indie rock artist Bronte Alva has done just that in the pull-no-punches “Taylor Swift”‘, a song looking back on the experience of being with an older man. We’re thrilled today to be premiering the track ahead of its release tomorrow.

Bronte has the gift for a keen turn of phrase, and in “Taylor Swift” she confidently and expertly navigates the minefield of analysing the past. It’s a fast-paced foray as Bronte’s powerful vocals deliver a stirring and potent slice of indie rock. Coupled with a killer production and a ripping emotive chorus, the maturity shown by an artist early on in their career is dazzling.

About the track, Bronte writes: “‘Taylor Swift’ covers all things heartbreak and growing pains within the power imbalance of dating an older man in my teens. I was 17. He was 27. He was my gym instructor. A week before my 18th birthday he ghosted me. I felt angry, sad, betrayed, played, manipulated and pretty damn stupid. It wasn’t until later with a lot of reflection that I realised it wasn’t my fault. One song in particular that connected to me was ‘All Too Well’ by Taylor Swift. It follows her reminiscing on her experiences dating an older man and all that comes with it. I wrote the song when I was 18, ruminating and reminiscing on the experience. It taught me my worth and ultimately those were growing pains that got me to where I am.”

Bronte has a tour kicking off on the 28th of July at the Towradgi Beach Hotel, before hitting Sydney (multiple dates), Canberra and Newcastle and will also be playing at the iconic Yours and Owls festival in October. All the dates are below.


Bronte Alva Tour Dates

Fri 28 Jul| Towradgi Beach Hotel, DHARAWAL/WOLLONGONG NSW
Fri 11 Aug | Botany View Hotel, GADIGAL/SYDNEY NSW
Sat 19 Aug| The Alley Band Room, GADIGAL/SYDNEY NSW
Fri20 Aug| Icebreaker Festival, GADIGAL/SYDNEY NSW
Sat 26 Aug| Stag And Hunter, MULUBINBA/NEWCASTLE NSW
Sat 14-15 Oct| Your & Owls Festival, DHARAWAL/WOLLONGONG NSW

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