Leo bares all with their unflinching debut EP Please Leave Quietly

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of the incredibly talented artists who have saturated the independent music market lately, each offering a piece of themselves that is (sadly) oftentimes lost in the echo chamber. But every now and then, you stumble upon a song that just hits differently and stays with you long after the first listen.

One of those songs for me personally was the 2022 debut single “Doctor” by Naarm-based singer-songwriter Leo. After releasing the singles “Half Unconscious” and “Rough Hands” last year, Leo has today unveiled their awaited debut EP Please Leave Quietly. Recorded with Jonathon Tooke of Cry Club, the five-track project explores themes of loss, abandonment and isolation with brutally honest lyricism.


Please Leave Quietly opens with the slow-building “Half Unconscious”, a moody track of simmering guitars and rumbling drums that crescendos to a soaring final chorus with picked melodies and whispering background vocals. This blends seamlessly into “Erase Me”, an upbeat rock singalong with moving verses that intentionally slip beneath the surface of the desperate hook. A standout of the EP, it balances Leo’s bleak storytelling and deft musicianship for a sad song you can dance to.

“Rough Hands” keeps the energy up with picked electric guitar over pummelling drums and a thudding bass line. Leo’s voice takes on more of an ethereal sound in the chorus as the lyrics discuss rejection and spiralling mental health in the aftermath of a breakup. The EP gives the individual elements more room to breathe in “Tendencies”, letting the words sink in and the guitar lead ring out. It alludes to the artist’s unhealthy personality traits with profound lines like “You’re unhinged and unstable, too/ I think I love you.”


Closing out the EP is the sombre “Thursday Morning”, replete with delicate guitar and haunting vocals in the verses and a big chorus of heavy guitars and booming drums. The steadily climbing bass carries the song as Leo reflects on past wrongdoings whilst putting you in their shoes with palpable imagery. Though it may end on somewhat of a downer, they recognise the detriment of dwelling on negative thoughts and ultimately commit to pushing forward for a better day.

Please Leave Quietly is a powerful and substantial debut EP from the Naarm indie rocker that leaves no stone unturned in their troubled personal life. Think Julien Baker meets Bec Stevens and you’ve got Leo, your new favourite little local who has a bright future with compelling efforts like this.



Leo will be celebrating the release of the EP with a launch show at The Old Bar in Naarm on 19 April, joined by their live band as well as Baby Shower and Mutual Friends of Former Lovers. Add “Tendencies” to your playlist and stay connected on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates.