Exclusive Single Premiere: Wandering Blind “Only A Matter Of Time” (2023)

Wandering Blind

We’re stoked to be premiering an absolute earworm today. “Only A Matter Of Time” is from Gold-Coast duo Wandering Blind, and will be released on all digital platforms tomorrow.

The track is a captivating blend of pop and indie rock. It is deftly constructed, from the opening guitars to the trance-like repetition of the “Only a matter of‘ line, meshed with an edgy rhythm section that builds the mood to a crescendo. This is intoxicating indie rock, with a generous helping of electronica coupled with some tantalising drum machines.

About the track, the band writes:

“The song is about fate and the whole process around it. It was at a time in life where I was hopeful of my future, but realised I had to reach for it myself. At the same time I have a weird installed belief in pre-determinism, so I was viewing it from a “if fate allows it” perspective. It’s a lot of musing on autonomy in our own lives and how we all have this thing of looking forward into the future. I like writing about time, I think it’s the most innate thing we all experience. I also used some religious symbolism mixed with personal symbolism to create a sort of prayer without the faith. That goes under the more worldly experience lyric in the chorus at the end, blurring the lines between the personal and omniscient.” 

Fans of Mancunian legends New Order and local heroes Underground Lovers should find plenty to love in “Only A Matter Of Time”. Give this one a couple of listens and you’ll be singing the chorus for days.

The duo is comprised of Jack Holt (vocals, guitars, bass and synthesizers) and Kyle Thompson (drums and percussion). They’ve released a handful of tracks since their debut in 2021, including “Candidate”, “Rain & Snow” and “Oh Well”.

You can pre-save “Only A Matter Of Time” HERE, and in the meantime, enjoy exclusive premiere.

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