Exclusive Single Premiere: TOBiAS “Beautiful Mess” (2019)

If you are a fan of Paul Kelly then we are pretty sure you are going to dig this new tune we have for you today from Toby Robinson, aka TOBiAS. It’s the exclusive premiere of his new single “Beautiful Mess”. It was written after Robinson met a girl at Woodford Folk Festival who told him “you’re a beautiful mess, but I want you“. This is the first single from the forthcoming album, which is yet to be named. After hearing this, Robinson took those words and wrote “Beautiful Mess”, reflecting “how we desire the need for affection but sometimes are drawn into dysfunctional entanglements.”

In the style befitting of a gifted troubadour, this is a beautifully crafted song. Neat and elegant production, nicely balanced keys, drums and guitars, all working together in sympatico.

“Beautiful Mess” was recorded at Heliport Studios on the Sunshine CoastElliot Heinrich produced and mixed (Ayla / Fragile Animals / Future Jnr) while Brian Lucy mastered (Black Eyed Peas/Arctic Monkeys).

“Beautiful Mess” is officially released this Friday, 27th September, but you can listen to it here first.


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He is supporting Bad Dad Orchestra and the  Barren Spinsters on the 4th of October at the Imperial Hotel. Tickets HERE

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