Exclusive Single Premiere: Junior Bones “The Fallout In You” (2023)

Junior Bones

It’s bang on twelve months since Melbourne-based indie rockers Junior Bones released their debut EP, the wonderful Late Night Luxury. They are back with a new tune, the cathartic and very danceable “The Fallout In You”, and we are thrilled to be premiering it ahead of its release on Friday.

The song was written after a bad break-up, and has been transformed from a naval-gazing cathartic slice of melancholy into a glistening danceable new-wave electronica gem. Ryan Temby (vocals and guitar) gives us the background to the journey the song took:

“This song started out as an acoustic dirge written after a very raw breakup. I had also moved back in with my parents, sleeping on the fold-out couch in their office – the third time in four years so it was a bit of a low point for me.

The plan for the song was to channel all these raw shitty emotions into one place so I could lock it up, throw away the key, be done with it, move on with my life and never hear or play the song again.

But a few years later I played it to the band and they loved it – especially Gav who immediately had a vision for the song – seeing its potential as a foray into EDM landscapes. So it came out of the vault and evolved into this catchy, dark, dancy/ new wave/ electro three minute pop song – and made me face a lot of emotions I hadn’t quite dealt with at the time.”

In a scene where it’s difficult to break out of a stereotypical sound – either fully committed guitar band, or all the way with electronica, it’s a refreshing change to hear a band like Junior Jones with their genre crossing soundscape. “The Fallout In You” is dark and moody yet upbeat and clamouring to be played again and again.

“The Fallout In You” will be released on all platforms on Friday 17th February. If you are lucky enough to be in Melbourne, you can catch Junior Bones at the Brunswick Artists Bar at 4pm on Saturday, the 18th February. They are playing an all-ages show with support from Danny McDonald.


You can keep up to date with Junior Bones via their Website, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube 

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