Exclusive Single Premiere: Jodi “I Know a Girl” (2024)


Gadigal/Sydney-based indie-pop artist Jodi has a knack for blending electronica with fuzzy guitar-driven punk pop, and we are thrilled to be premiering the emotive and resilient “I Know A Girl” today.

“I Know A Girl” is packed with atmosphere and is a roller-coaster of emotions.  It starts gently and tentatively, morphing from introspective musings into a triumphant and confident takeback. The ethereal vocals strike hard, above the fuzzy guitars and swirling electronica. There is also a good helping of tenderness thrown into the mix. It’s another stellar release from Jodi, following on from “SIMP” which was released earlier this year.

Jodi talks about the inspiration behind the track: “‘I Know A Girl’ is a punk pop tantrum mixed with soft and sad indie pop about a boy. Holistically, this track is about knowing you aren’t the only one he’s seeing. It’s revengeful and confident. When we (Alex Mcyntire ‘Lola Scott’) wrote this demo in Nov 2022, it was over Zoom in the afternoon and it was prefaced with gossip. ‘I Know A Girl’ starts in a pretty desperate outlook; you’re starting your grief journey over this situationship and the rage is about to kick in… Themes of a rockstar’s god-complex surface, alongside feelings of shame and confusion.”

“I Know A Girl” was co-written with Alex McIntyre (Lola Scott) and produced/mixed by Alistair Hayes (Daphnie, Jewel Owusu, youproblem).

Jodi will be launching the single at The Vanguard in Sydney on the 10th of July. You can buy tickets HERE. Get along if you can and support live music. And finally, be sure to pre-save it HERE.


You can keep up to date with Jodi via her Website, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Spotify

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